Michael Lambert

Category Theorist


About Me

I am currently a Topos Institute Research Associate working under Evan Patterson. Recently I finished research postdoc in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Mount Allison University under Geoff Cruttwell. I am also an associate lecturer in the Mathematics Department at the University of Massachusetts-Boston.

My research is in higher category theory, specifically, double categories and their applications. I am also interested in 2-categories, toposes, and internal logic.

Here is my full CV.

Papers and Preprints

Discrete Double Fibrations Theory and Applications of Categories.

Double Fibrations (with Geoff Cruttwell, Dorette Pronk, and Martin Szyld) Preprint, 2022. Submitted to Theory and Applications of Categories

A Topos View of Blockchain Consensus Protocols, Preprint, 2021. Submitted to Compositionality

Double Categories of Relations, Preprint, 2022. Submitted to Theory and Applications of Categories (2021 arXiv draft)

Discrete 2-Fibrations, Preprint, 2020. Submitted to Higher Structures

Recent Talks

Blockchain Safety in a Topos Ottawa Logic Seminar, December 2021

Discrete Double Fibrations CT20->21, September 2021

Characterizing Double Categories of Relations ACT 2021, July 2021






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